Children's Mental Health
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VoicesUnited4Change celebrating Children's Mental Health Awareness Month at our annual 5K Walk!



is made up of Champions for Children's Mental Health!!!

Second Annual Youth and Family Summit: Building Circles of Wellness!

Stay tuned for more information!!!

*NEW* Circles of Wellness Support Group!

Our 2014 Surviving the Summer Guidebook is here!

Full of free and low cost things to do with your family! Feel free to share!

Our Mission:


To provide support, knowledge and resources to meet the social, emotional, behavioral and educational needs of families, youth and young adults in Orange County, New York in the most respectful, family-driven,  youth-guided, and  culturally competent way.


For more information regarding VoicesUnited4Change, please contact Saul Kleinman at saul@voicesunited4change.org or Pat Savino at 845-343-8100 X6654 or

If you need mental health help immediately please call:

Mobile Mental Health at 1-888-750-2266
the Orange County Helpline at 1-800-832-1200
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255
or 911